Client References

“FirstPRO provides us with a broad spectrum of talent from the director level to entry level and has proven to be a great resource and business partner.”

- Georgia Pacific

“FirstPRO always provides outstanding talent to our Sales Team. I can count on them to deliver candidates that are highly-qualified, successful professionals in my industry.”

-  The National Print Group

“I have used FirstPRO for several years now, and they always deliver quality candidates when I needed them. FirstPRO has been my first choice for staffing and placement assistance. When I have tried other services to see what is out there, I always come back to FirstPRO for the quality candidates that I can depend on.”

Atlanta Bread Company

“NASCO exclusively uses FirstPRO for technical contract resources. We have a very good working relationship with our main contact at FirstPRO . They have taken the time to learn about our environment and culture which gives them an excellent understanding of the type of resources that will be successful at NASCO. FirstPRO is very responsive and always follows through on commitments.”

- Nasco

“We have recently filled 4 positions working with FirstPRO, ranging from Senior NT Administrator to Computer Night Operator, using both direct hire and contract to hire. Their strongest point is that they take the time to listen and read the job descriptions, weed out the unqualified applicants, and only send us good qualified candidates for the positions we are trying to fill. After working with several other recruiting firms over the past years, FirstPRO is one of my top choices and recommendations.”

- SP Richards Co.

“FirstPRO is an exceptional Staffing search firm as it is always a pleasure working with their professional Account Managers and proficient Recruiters. I can always count on them to successfully deliver outstanding, qualified candidates who fit our profile and technical requirements. It is reassuring knowing that working with FirstPRO; I will receive consistent, first-rate results.”

- Daugherty

“We always use FirstPRO for both temporary staffing and direct hire needs. They are fast, reliable, and less expensive than many that seek our business. After 50 placements they have referred to me since 1998, and with many of these still here, I’m sticking with the proven winner!”

- Equifax

“We have used FirstPRO for dozens of key hires here and they have introduced us to several key Executives we hired. These hires have had an important impact on the success of these business units.”

- Charter Communications

“I have been working with FirstPro for the past 8 years and not only have I had an amazing experience with them personally, but now my team has been able to build strong relationships with the talented staff as well. As a large company, we get inundated with requests from new vendors but we never need additional resources because of how well FirstPro takes care of us! The FirstPro recruiters take time to understand our business and the culture of our teams. They don’t blindly send resumes to us, they take the time to screen and really evaluate whether that candidate will fit in our fast paced environment. The quality of resumes they present to us is always a close match to our needs!

I’ve had the privilege of working with Serina Cochran over the last few years. She is a joy to work with and the kind of person that absolutely makes my life and job easier. I would recommend FirstPro and Serina without any hesitation. Thank you for assisting us throughout the years!”

- Race Trac

“FirstPRO has been an indispensable resource for C&C over the past year. Each experience with their group has been valuable, clear, and swift – that’s provided a seamless and enjoyable hiring process on all sides. More than knowing how to recommend great talent, they’ve also proven to be on the ball when it comes to X-factors like culture fit. I can’t say how much I appreciate their commitment to understanding their clients, and C&C will absolutely be working with them in the future.”

- C&C